Match Tickets and Coach Travel Availability

Please Note the below availability of Match Tickets goes on the Branches Official Match ticket Allocation to games, though additional Match Tickets may still be available even though the game is listed below as sold out.


Branches Official Match Ticket Allocation is purchased around four weeks in advance of matches which is set by MUFC and not the Branch.



If you wish to book Match Tickets and Coach Travel or just Coach Travel to any of the below games where we have current Availability please refer to Branches Booking Form & Branches Rules page on how to book


Additionally to the below Availability please visit the Branches Ticket Exchange page which also has further Tickets available to matches.


                     Date    Kick Off   Opposition        Match Tickets           Coach Places

                                                                             Remaining                Remaining 


13/12/17  20:00   Bournemouth    Match Tickets Available               3


26/12/17  15:00       Burnley                  Sold Out                          7


30/12/17  17:30    Southampton             Sold Out                          5


05/01/18   20:00    Derby County    Match Tickets Available           23


15/01/18  20:00       Stoke City               Sold Out                         9


03/02/18  15:00   Huddersfield T             Sold Out                         6 


24/02/18  15:00        Chelsea        Match Tickets Available            21


10/03/18  15:00      Liverpool        Match Tickets Available            25


31/03/18  15:00    Swansea City    Match Tickets Available            21


14/04/18  15:00       West Brom                  1                               8


28/04/18  15:00        Arsenal        Match Tickets Available            25


13/05/18  15:00       Watford         Match Tickets Available           33