Match Tickets and Coach Travel Prices

Supporters Club Match Ticket Prices:

Adult Ticket Price                             £46.00       


16/17 Year Old Ticket Price               £28.00


Over 65 & 18/20 Year Old

Ticket Price                                     £37.00       


 Under 16 Ticket Price                      £20.00



Please note that the above ticket prices are North Stand Tier 3 prices which we collect in advance, any price difference will be requested if our allocation is situated in a different priced stand. - (All Junior members match tickets are priced £20.00 across the Stadium)  


All Supporters Club Match Tickets and Supporters Club Members Match Tickets are sold at Face Value only and with Coach Travel.  

Match Tickets obtained from MUFC are for MUFC Official Members Only.


For more information about how Match Tickets are obtained please download our Supporters Club rules which you can obtain from our Supporters Club Bookings & Rules Page. 

Supporters Club Coach Travel Prices:


Adult Coach Price                 £40.00               


Over 65 Coach Price             £35.00


Under 21 Coach Price           £35.00               



Supporters Club Coach Season Ticket


Additionally to the above Coach Prices the Supporters Club offers discounted travel in the form of what we call a Coach Season Ticket (CST).


Prices for a CST to all the 19 Home Premiership Matches are as follows:    


            Adult CST Price                                  £665.00                


            Under 21 and Over 65 CST Price          £570.00               


A Coach Season Ticket provides members with a saving on Coach Travel totalling £95.00 (£5.00 per match) across the 19 Home Premier League matches in the season, and also £5.00 on any additional Cup Match purchased.


Benefits of a Coach Season Ticket obtained for the 19 Home premiership fixtures are as follows:


  • Adult CST Holder Coach Fare works out at £35.00 per game instead of the normal £40.00 price.
  • Under 21 and Over 65 CST Holder Coach Fare works out at £30.00 per game instead of the normal £35.00 price
  • Adult CST Holders pay only £35.00 for travel to Home Cup Matches
  • Under 21 and Over 65 CST Holders pay only £30.00 for travel to home Cup Matches
  • Coach Season Tickets can be paid half at the start of the season with the remaining balance paid by the New Year.
  • CST Holders also have the facility to re-allocate any of the 19 Home Premier League games Coach Fares for games they cannot make to any Home Cup Matches which the Supporters Club travels to. 

Supporters Club Match Ticket Exchange

Any Supporters Club Member that wishes to sell on a Match Ticket for a League or Cup Match can do so by contacting the Supporters Club.


These Match Tickets will be advertised to other Supporters Club members on this website under Match Tickets & Coach Travel Availability section and also on the official Supporters Club emailing list.


Please note while the Supporters Club provides this service at no point does it take responsibility for the non sale of Match Tickets, this is just a service to help Supporters Club Members get in contact with each other when selling and purchasing Supporters Club members spare tickets.