Supporters Club Bookings & Rules

How to Book Matches with the Supporters Club

The Supporters Club obtains an official Match Ticket allocation from MUFC for Home Premier League, European and Domestic Cup Matches at Old Trafford.


Once the fixture list for the season is released in June or once draws for Cup Competitions have been completed bookings will be accepted. 


To Book Match Tickets and Coach Travel or just Coach Travel only through the Supporters Club just follow the below couple of steps:

1. Check Availability on our Match Tickets & Coach Travel Availability page. 

2. Email the Branch Secretary with all your details (if not already registered) such

    as Names, contact details, Membership Numbers etc and pay online with details

    provided from the supporters club.

    Or alternatively Complete the Supporters Club Booking Form (only required on       

    postal applications) using the below form and forward it onto the Branch Secretary

    with a cheque made payable to MUSC.

MUSCBB Branch Booking Form 2019-20.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [78.4 KB]

Supporters Club Rules



For our detailed Supporters Club Rules which includes details of how you book to matches, our entire Pick Up Times and Locations, plus our coach travel rules and general information about the Supporters club please click on the below PDF.



MUSCBB Rules and Regulations 2019-20.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [162.7 KB]


Category A Matches Rule


Due to the very high demand in Supporters Club match tickets for games such as Liverpool, Manchester City etc. a number of years ago we had to introduce a rule with a fairer distribution of these match tickets rather than just sold on a first come first basis


Each Match Ticket for a Category A game will only be sold to Official Members that have been to or have booked to a Category B Game.


For example if you wish to book for one Match Ticket for Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Spurs, Arsenal or  (last home game of the season) you need to have been with the Supporters Club or have booked in advance one game within the Category B games (i.e. Bournemouth, Norwich City & Wolves). This meaning that any Official Member cannot just book with the Supporters Club purely all the big games within the Category A games on a first come first served basis within the season.


Additionally to this any Official Member that just attends a Champions League group home match or a lesser Premier League Home evening fixture with the supporters club or alternatively a FA Cup Home match will automatically qualify for the chance of purchasing a ticket for two games from the Category A games. (Subject to tickets remaining within that category) 


Category A Games:


                                 Liverpool                                      Manchester City                                 Chelsea

                                  Arsenal                                                  Spurs                                           


Category B Games:


                              Bournemouth                          Brighton & Hove Albion                          Burnley

                                  Watford                                         Crystal Palace                                   Everton

                               Sheffield Utd                                     Norwich City                                Leicester City  

                          Newcastle United                                Southampton                           West Ham United     

                                 Aston Villa                           Wolverhampton Wanderers


To get a guaranteed allocation of Match Tickets for all the Category A games we have to obtain allocations for all the other matches within the Category B games.


This rule not only helps us sell our allocation to all the lesser games but more importantly helps to keep the Supporters Club coach running to all the Home League & Cup games we travel to. As well of course giving a fairer distribution of the high interest matches tickets rather than just sold on a first come first served basis, or to the members who have been to the most games within the season.